Curbing the democratic protests is similar to strangling democracy: Popular Front

Chennai: The State Executive Council of Popular Front of India was held at Dindugal on March 16 and 17. State President Mohamed Ismail presided over the meet and State General Secretary Mohamed Sheik Ansari welcomed the members. National General Secretary Mohamed Ali Jinnah participated as the Chief Guest. The following resolutions were passed by the Council.

1. Our country is in the dangerous transition from democratic state towards dictatorship. The denial of basic rights enshrined in the constitution and the permission denial for the democratic protests are highly condemnable. The arrest of social activist ‘Traffic’ Ramasamy, the police excess on the protests by the blind, denial of the permission for the rallies and public meetings continue in the State. Popular Front of India vehemently condemns such acts and call upon the democratic forces to come together against such acts.

2. The communal venom spewed by the BJP and Sangh Parivar leaders will damage the secular fabric of the nation. Subramanian Swamy, the National Executive council member of BJP has said recently that the Masjids and Churches are mere buildings and God resides only at the temples. He further added that the masjids and churches can be demolished at any time. Such comments will affect the unity of the nation and are highly condemnable. Hence Popular Front demands the arrest of BJP and Sangh Parivar leaders who utter such comments.

3. The BJP Government is proving continuously that it works for the welfare of the corporate sector. The recent Land Acquisition Bill passed in the Parliament is highly authoritarian. The pastoral lands will be taken away from the people without their permission and will be given to the corporate. Its surprising and agonizing that the Tamil Nadu government has extended its support for this Bill. It is against the verdict of the people given in the recent parliamentary elections to the ADMK. If this continues, the people will teach a fitting lesson in the forthcoming Assembly election. Popular Front demands the recall this anti-people Bill.

4. Thousands of people are affected by swine flu all over the nation and many people have died of this disease. This is now rapidly affecting the people in Tamil Nadu also but the precautionary measures are taken at a very low pace. Popular Front requests the State Government to take adequate steps to control the swine flu.

5. The arrest of Tamil fishermen and the capture of their boats by the Sri Lankan navy has now become a routine act. The comments by the Sri Lankan Prime Minister that the fishermen who cross the boundary will be shot at, adds fuel to the flame. The assault on the Tamil fishermen while Prime Minister Modi was on the visit to Sri Lanka and the silence of the Government on the issue is the result of the relation between the BJP Government and Sri Lankan Government. Its against the interest of the entire Tamils. Hence the Central and State Governments should take steps to stop the assault on Tamil fishermen and permanent solution should be found for the fishermen issue.

M.Mohamed Shaik Ansari

State General Secretary – Tamil Nadu

Popular Front of India

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