Popular Front applauds rising political unity against fascism

The Central Secretariat meeting of Popular Front of India held at Calicut applauded the Lok Sabha by-election results in UP and Bihar. The meeting observed that the willingness expressed by the regional parties SP and BSP to stand together is exemplary at a time when the Congress and Left parties hesitates to act jointly.  This unity has proved that BJP is not invincible if secular parties are ready to unite. The defeat of BJP in its long held bastions like Gorakhpur reflects how much people are disillusioned with the policies of Prime Minister Modi and Chief Minister Yogi. The Bihar election result is a warning against opportunistic politics of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar who betrayed people of Bihar by joining NDA despite the fact that they voted him to power for his earlier stand against BJP.

Homage to Stephen Hawking

The Central Secretariat meeting also paid homage to world renowned physicist Stephen Hawking who passed away on 14th of this month.  The disability since the prime of his youth that left him paralyzed throughout his life never stopped him from actualizing his dreams which came to us in the form of works that revolutionized theoretical physics. The meeting put on record that the world not only lost a scientist that enlightened human mind but also a humanist who spoke out against U.S. colonial aggressions and Zionist invasion of Palestine.

Chairman E. Abubacker presided over the meeting.

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