Political parties from Tamil Nadu demanded Jharkand to lift Ban and withdraw false cases

Chennai : Joint Meeting of Political Parties, Organizations and Social Activist’s urged the Jharkand Government to Revoke Ban On Popular Front of India in Jharkhand. Social Democratic Party of India organized a joint discussion of All democratic political parties ,organizations and social activists at Chennai today on 2.3.2018.In this meeting about 30 renowned political leaders and social activists participated and expressed their solidarity with Popular Front of India and said that the ban on Popular Front in Jharkhand is undemocratic and nothing but a political vendetta. They demanded to revoke of the ban on PFI immediately. The meeting also decided to hold a grand protest demonstration against the ban at Chennai on March 16tth. Finally all signed in the joint statement. A press meet was conducted by the leaders.
The participants:
1.Thol.Thirumavalavan , Ex M.P. (President, Viduthalai siruthaikal katchi).
2.T.Velmurugan,EX MLA (President, Tamilga Valvurimai Katchi).
3. Seeman (Coordinator, Naam Tamilar Katchi)
4. Damodaran (Vice President, Tamilnadu Congress Committee)
5.Bakkiyam (State Committee Member, CPM)
6.Dr. Ravendranath (CPI)
7.Prof. M.H. Jawahirullah (President, Manitaneya Makkal Katchi)
8.M. MOhamed Ismail (President, Popular Front Of India)
9. Thirumurgan Gandhi (Coordinator, May 17)

Press statement said, We are all aware of the fact that the Popular Front of India has been functioning since 2015 in most of the Indian States in compliance with the law of the land and the regulations concerned, upholding the values of the Constitution of India, democracy, secularism and social justice.
Here, in Tamil Nadu, we know well how the Popular Front on its own and jointly with other democratic political parties and movements has been involved in peaceful struggles and constructive work.
In this context we are shocked and worried that the BJP Government in Jharkhand has suddenly imposed a ban on the Popular Front of India at the state level.
The Government of Jharkhand has, in its press release dated the 20th of February, announced it had imposed the ban under Section 16 of the Criminal Law Amendment Act, 1908. The reason given is that in some southern states the ISIS, the terrorist organization has gained influence among the members of the Popular Front this was reason they announced. Popular Front which has been creating awareness, especially among Muslim youth, about the dangers of ISIS terrorism. The Front has really brought out a fine publication against the ISIS.
The governments of the southern states of Kerala and Karnataka have recently made it clear that there is no reason for proscribing the Popular Front of India. They have also clarified that they have not sent any report to the Union Government for banning the Front.
We would like to assert that the invocation of an anachronistic law to ban the Popular Front of India in the state of Jharkhand cannot be justified either on points of fact or of law.
We are of the considered opinion that this totally unwarranted ban on a peace-loving and law-abiding socio-political organization is a blatant violation of the right to freedom of association and other fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution of India. It can only been seen as a part of the continued onslaught on the minorities and their rights which is a daily feature of the present Hindutva government led by the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi.
The real reason behind the said ban is that the Popular Front of India has been staunchly opposing the violations of Human Rights by the state government of Jharkhand. The Hindutva forces of the state and the government are infuriated by the Front consistently resisting, by legal and democratic means, the illegal killings by the police, the instances of lynching by the Hindutva forces and the incessant array of hate speeches from the same forces of bigotry.
Even though the Popular Front of India considers its proscription unjust, it has complied with the ban and has ceased functioning in the state. Yet, even thereafter, the State Government and the police have been, it is learnt, arresting the members of the Popular Front and implicating them in false cases.
Taking a close look at the direction of the economic and political measures of the Government of India, the Union Government most of the state governments look down upon human rights to be obstacles to development. As the burden on the people increases and as the resistance by the masses rises, repression inclusive of proscription of those movements which truly stand with the masses also intensifies. Therefore it should be realized by one and all that the ban unleashed against the Popular Front in Jharkhand today could be unleashed tomorrow on any democratic organization in any state.
Hence, we urge the Union and the Jharkhand state government to forthwith lift the ban on the Popular Front of India and to withdraw the false cases against its members and set them free

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