Popular Front announces legal and humanitarian help to Delhi riot victims

For the last few days, the northeastern parts of our national capital witnessed the worst kind of atrocities by Sangh Parivar inspired mobs on innocent people. The violence has already left 38 people dead and several hundreds seriously injured. Many houses, shops, schools, other properties and livelihoods of people were destroyed.

The need of the hour is to support the riot victims and to ensure that the victims receive justice. Popular Front has decided to setup a Legal Helpline with a team of
lawyers and a Legal Assistance Office at Delhi to aid legal defence of riot victims and bring the culprits to account.

Also emergency humanitarian relief to the injured, helping the victims rebuild their livelihoods are other areas deserving our attention. Popular Front of India will also undertake relief and rehabilitation works. The cadres of Popular Front who are experienced in carrying out humanitarian relief work will be deployed to the riot affected areas.

Popular Front appeals to all citizens of conscience to earnestly support this mission.