His Master’s Media stories about Popular Front funds and links on the eve of Delhi Elections are Broken News

Statement issued by the Central Secretariat

The misinformation campaign let loose by a section of media to appease and serve the immediate and long term vested interests of their political masters has crossed all limits of decency, fairness, honesty and journalistic ethics. Their latest round of vilification and witch hunt against Popular Front of India using the Enforcement Directorate (ED) is nothing but a last-minute panic attempt to influence the electorate on the eve of Delhi election.

All opinion surveys predict that BJP is set to lose in Delhi provided the elections are held fair and free without manipulation. BJP has no developmental agenda to present to the electorate, but only its divisive and communal formula. Adding insult to injury, the CAA-NRC-NPR move has backfired and all sane citizens sans the hate-monger Sangh Parivar fascists are fighting against their attempt to divide the nation on religious grounds.

They try to brand the Shaheen Bagh protest as a funded-terrorist activity to get support from the naïve voters in the name of national security. Along with Popular Front of India, AAP and Congress, their main opponents in the Delhi election, are unnecessarily dragged into the Shaheen Bagh protest. The main allegation now aired by the “unofficial” official mouth of the central government, Republic TV is that Popular Front of India Delhi president Parvez had a connection with some AAP leaders and they often chat through WhatsApp!

Popular Front is an organization that works complying abiding all the legal requirements of the country. Apart from several baseless allegations raised by the authorities and its puppet media time and again, nothing illegal or seditious have been proved against the organization till date. Activities of Popular Front have always been transparent. It is not a proscribed organization. Its members are Indian citizens who are entitled to enjoy all the privileges and rights ensured by the Constitution of India. As members of the society, they have to interact with their fellow human beings irrespective of caste, religion or politics. As long as they are not banned from communicating with others by law, they, as any other citizen of India would make phone calls, meet persons of all levels, chat with them, and send emails and so on. We are sure that no sensible person will take it an offence in a secular democratic country.

The unproven financing allegation is being raised repeatedly despite the evidence-backed explanation of Popular Front on the matter. The communications and documents of the Enforcement Directorate that are supposed to be confidential and secret were quite irresponsibly quoted by Republic TV. They are in fact undermining the credibility of a central financial investigating agency like ED. To the best of our knowledge, ED has not made any official statement regarding the details of its hearings with Popular Front people and unless until endorsed by them, those media are committing an offence that is breach of official secrets. The fact is that none of our leaders tried to evade appearing before ED and as a matter of policy we are cooperating with them as we have done with any other investigating agency on any occasion in the past. We believe that this fact is known to them at least.

The RSS backed BJP government is playing the role of the “chor chor” shouting thief in the crowd by tagging Popular Front of India terrorist and the Shaheen Bagh struggle getting money from Popular Front. Actually it is BJP that gathers money from all illegal and unlawful sources. For example as per a news item appeared in Business Standard on 23 November 2019, the BJP received crores in donation from a company being probed by the ED for allegedly buying properties from Iqbal Mirchi, an accused in the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts. The report said the company, which was involved in transactions with and buying properties from the late Iqbal Memon alias Iqbal Mirchi, gave 10 crores to the BJP in 2014-15. Mirchi was a close aide of Dawood Ibrahim. It is no wonder that the financial transactions including terror funding of BJP is not a matter of discussion for their unethical puppet media on the eve of Delhi Assembly elections.

Popular Front, while outrightly denying all the allegations raised against the organization including terror funding and financial malpractices, strongly condemns the efforts of the government and its biased puppet media to demonize and malign a democratically and lawfully functioning organization for cheap political gains.
Popular Front once again challenges whomsoever to prove all the allegations with evidences instead of spreading lies and false news using power, machinery and media. We are sure that the well informed and responsible Delhi voters will throw the Broken News of His Master’s Media to the dust bin of political history.