Popular Front condemns the attack on Churches

Delhi: Mohamed Ali Jinnah, General Secretary of Popular Front of India condemned the attack on Churches. During the last two months 5 churches have been attacked in the National capital and the stoic silence maintained by the ruling central government indicates its deliberate reluctance to strengthen the confidence of the minority community populace.

It should be recalled that recently the visiting US President in his address cautioned that religious violence would come in the way of India’s progress. Even such an open cue has not catalyzed the Prime Minister to take note of these events and issue stern action orders. This silence can be interpreted as an uncaring attitude of the government or even as a tacit approval of the events.

The silence also aligns as an action item with the recent attempt and subsequent clamour from the Hindutva camps seeking removal of the words “socialist” and “secular” from the Preamble of our Constitution.

In the case of St. Alphonso church the issue was brushed aside as robberies even though nothing valuable was missing while clearly relics held dear to the institution were vandalized. It took a lot of media pressure to get the authorities to admit that it was a targeted attempt on the minorities.

On the eve of the Delhi election we once again appeal to all secular forces to come together and defeat the BJP who is so overtly demonstrating their agenda.

Popular Front of India condemns these incidents, expresses solidarity with the victimized Christian community, and empathizes with its harassed leaders and demands reigning in of such elements who meddle with the secular nature of our nation.

Riyas. P.P
PRO, Popular Front of India

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