Broad alliance of India’s marginalized people mooted : EM

JEDDAH — An Indian political leader called for a broad based alliance of marginalized sections of society, especially minorities in the wake of the serious threats posed by the fascist Hindutva forces and the growing clout of multinationals and corporates.

Addressing a press conference here on Sunday, E.M. Abdul Rahman, vice chairman of the Popular Front of India, said that the socio-political empowerment of the victims of exploitation is the need of the hour.

Drawing attention to the current political scenario in India where ultranationalist BJP came to power, he said that the Hindu nationalist party is cashing in on polarization of India’s predominantly secular society by whipping up communal sentiments among the Hindu community.

“Communalization of the majority community is more alarming than getting power for the communal forces. As a result, there is an intensive drive to alienate and even demonize some sections of minorities, especially Muslims,” he said.

Abdul Rahman underscored the need for launching a movement of people at the national level against these tendencies, which are detrimental to the broader national interests, besides threatening the very foundation of India’s constitution, based on secularism, socialism and democracy.

He blamed the Indian National Congress and other secular parties for enabling the communal forces to come to power in India.

“None of the major political parties can escape from their accountability in creating this scenario. The so called secular parties have distanced themselves from people through their anti-populist policies, corrupt practices and greed for power,” he said while noting that the secular parties, instead of taking strong position against the Hindutva forces, are more interested in contesting against each other and thus resulting in dividing the secular votes.

Abdul Rahman also lashed out at the secular parties, saying that they are compromising of their ideals and principles for the sake of power.

“The steady shift of Congress party from Socialist views to far right and the moving away of left parties towards the right has made things easier for BJP. Politics of globalization that initiated during 80s and 90s by the Congress governments led by Rajiv Gandhi and Narasimha Rao has led to erosion of popular support and the trust of even Congress party cadres,” he said noting that people have lost their credibility in the traditional political parties which are proved incapable of strengthening the pillars of the world’s largest democracy by defeating Hindu Sangh Parivar’s ulterior design to transform India into a Hindutva state.

Abdul Rahman said Popular Front is determined to continue vigorously its struggle against fascism and globalization.

“We will be in the forefront of agitations to defeat the Fascist threats. Instead being carried away by the sheer rhetoric of the traditional parties, the only way out for the deprived classes and the victims of Fascist atrocities, is their total empowerment. The Front is also actively involved in raising its voice against state terrorism while upholding the principles of democracy and secularism within the legal framework of our constitution,” he said.

The Front has more than 4,000 local units and 84,000 cadres and 350,000 supporters spread out in 18 Indian states, he added.

The press conference was also attended by India Fraternity Forum Jeddah Regional Chapter President Shamsuddin K.M, Secretary Muhammadali K, Delhi Chapter Secretary Feroz Alahabad, Karnataka President Abdul Majeed, Tamil Nadu President Muhammad Sharif, Secretary Sheikh Abdullah, President of Kerala Chapter Siraj Vandur and Secretary Shamsuddin Kondotty.

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