Popular Front appeals to Delhites to defeat anti-people, communal forces

New Delhi: Popular Front chairman KM Shareef in his statement on the eve of Delhi assembly elections appealed to the voters of Delhi to defeat anti-people communal forces.

With their magical slogan “Quick development and less governance” in this short period Modi government which was brought to power by corporates, proved their willingness with a number of new policies to compromise the interest of people under the cover of fear and communalism. Even during the brief visit of Barak Obama, the head of neo-colonial aggressors, the decision was taken that Indians would compensate from their own pocket for the risks posed by American reactors. It is clear from the new policies that their plan is to help the country’s 10 percent rich to get richer and to leave 90% of the population for the market to devour. We have seen some pre-Lok Sabha poll promises broken in the last nine months and many others yet to deliver. Promises of bringing back the black money in 100 days, relief from anti-people policies of UPA are a few to quote. Out of fear of objection in parliament BJP is taking executive route to pass many critical ordinances.

Communal elements are emboldened for both physical and verbal attacks on minorities like never before. Muslim and Christian communities are being victimized for such attacks even in the capital city. Reports say that there have been at least five attacks on Christian minority in last two months itself in Delhi. Security of women has not improved in the capital. Rapes are not even news now.

In this peculiar environment, Popular Front appeals to voters of Delhi to use their right sensibly and defeat communal anti-people politics of BJP.

Riyas. P.P
PRO, Popular Front of India

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