Popular Front U P state ad-hoc committee convener Waseem Ahmed released from jail

Popular Front of India U P State Ad-hoc Committee Convener Waseem Ahmed who was jailed after implicating in alleged citizenship protest related violence in Lucknow on 16 December 2019 was released. Waseem Ahmed was taken in police custody, remanded and granted bail after a two weeks along with other falsely implicated activists like Darapuri, Shoaib, Sadaf Jafar etc. But he was further detained in jail by implicating in new cases. The court also rejected the arguments raised by the prosecution against him being granted bail in the new cases. Waseem had to spent more than 40 days in jail.
Waseem Ahmed and two other members QariAshfaq and Mohammed Nadeem who were released earlier were presented by U P police in the media conference as “master minds” behind the riots. Popular Front of India General Secretary M Mohamed Ali Jinnah has stated that their release has exposed the conspiracy of the state government that continue to put the whole blame of its own law and order failings on the organisation.
The incidents of violence connected with peoples protest against CAA, NRC and NPR have been reported from BJP ruled states alone, mostly from UP. Various fact finding reports established that violence occurred in different district of UP were created by the police with the involvement of local Hindutva goons. Many video clippings and CCTV in circulation substantiate their lead role in violence. The police in many localities have further harassed elderly people, families and even women and children belonging to Muslim community. Most of the local Muslim leaders and youth who were arrested and remanded from different parts of the state are now released on bail by court orders. Yogi Adithyanath government, instead of respecting the court orders that reject the high handedness of UP police is still continuing house searches and illegal arrests and other sorts of harassment. He also quite shamelessly continues to target Popular Front even after the BJP government agenda was exposed.
Mohammed Ali Jinnah reminded Yogi Adithyanath that in spite of the ideology of minority hate he carries, a chief minister is duty bound to respect the constitution and act as per law. He further stated that the ongoing citizenship agitations cannot be subdued by such acts of arrogance and such suppressions will only strengthen the agitation that is also against the RSS ideology of communal fascism.