Freedom Parade will be conducted on Aug 15 at Madurai, Nagai and Ilayangudi

Monday, August 13th, 2012
Chennai: “On the eve of Independence day, Popular front of India will conduct “Freedom Parade 2012″ at 3 selected cities of Tamilnadu to celebrate and observe the day as ” The Festival of Peoples”, said Halid Mohamed, State General Secretary, Popular Front of India, in a Press release issued on August 6, 2012 at Chennai.
He said, “Upcoming August 15 will be our 65th Independence day. It is our duty to celebrate the day by remembering various freedom struggles and to commemorate the selfless sacrifice of our forefathers, who were participated and fought for the freedom of our country.”

Further he observed that, “Whenever the country faces threats or if there is any attempt to enslave our country, our forefathers stood in front in freedom struggles as a vanguard and sacrificed their life and soul to protect our nation. To carry forward this noble spirit to our future generation, it is an urgent necessity today to revive their nationalist zeal among us.”

“So Popular Front of India for the past several years continuously trying to transform the Independence day into a people’s festival by conducting “Freedom Parade” at important cities. This year in 2012,Freedom parade celebrations will be conducted in Tamilnadu at Madurai, Nagai and Ilayangudi. Prominent Personalities, National Leaders and functionaries of Popular Front of India will participate in the program.”

On behalf of Popular Front of India, He requested all to participate in Independence day celebrations with family and friends and grace the occasion and make the day a joyous and a meaningful one.

Aug 6, 2012 Freedom Parade Press Release 06.08.2012.pdf