Statement regarding arrest of Popular Front members by UP STF on fabricated charges

New Delhi: Popular Front of India strongly condemns the arrests of its members Anshad and Firoz by the Uttar Pradesh STF by creating a ridiculous fake story of terror attack. Both the persons are residents of Kerala and had visited West Bengal and Bihar for the expansion work of the organization. On 11th February morning 5:40 am both of them boarded a train from Katihar, Bihar to Mumbai. As per their families they last contacted them on the evening of 11th Feb after which they were not reachable on their phone. The family had filed a complaint at local police station in Kerala on 16th Feb morning.

It was after filing the complaint by family that the UP STF hurriedly called a press conference and presented this fabricated story of their arrest and the imaginary terror attacks. A fake story is being created by the UP police which is known for making film scripts to justify it’s illegal activities. The arrest of Anshad and Firoz on 11th Feb by the UP police and presenting them to media on 16th Feb is yet another attempt by the UP gov’t to create a fake narrative of “threat to national security”. It is now evident that on 11th evening while, the train was running through UP, both of them might have been kidnapped by the UP STF at any of the railway station in UP and kept in illegal custody and tortured.

The BJP led UP state government is known to target dissent and the CM himself has made his intention clear to target Popular Front. The fascist government led by Yogi Adityanath had earlier tried to label Popular Front state adhoc committee members as the mastermind of the alleged anti-CAA protest violence which the police failed to prove in the court resulting in the Popular Front adhoc committee members getting released on bail. Later the UP police also tried to link Popular Front to an imaginary “incitement of caste violence” at Hathras by arresting 3 student organization activists and a journalist who were travelling to meet the family of the Hathras rape victim.

Popular Front will not be intimidated by such attempts by the BJP led government at state and centre. We demand a CBI enquiry on this arrest as the STF itself is the culprit in this case. The organization will avail all legal and democratic means to release its members and also defeat the nefarious plans of the BJP and RSS.