Ensure security of all Indians citizens anywhere in India: Popular Front

Press Release New Delhi / Date: 20/08/2012
Monday, August 20th, 2012
Popular Front of India general secretary K. M. Shareef has requested the people not to be misled by the rumors spread by certain vested interest elements that the lives of Assam students and labourers are under threat in South Indian states. He reminded that the tradition of the southern states make it the responsibility of all to ensure the safety of all students and labourers from northern and north-eastern states. Also it is a matter of grave concern that some communal outfits are using the electronic media and social websites to create communal divide in the country in the context of the unfortunate happenings in Assam. The heinous act of spreading false news of hoisting Pakistani flag in Hyderabad on the Independence Day was fortunately exposed by the some responsible media. K. M. Shareef has demanded the authorities bring to book all rumor-mongers including those behind the Hyderabad episode.

There are reasons to assume that in the recent incidents there may be a hidden agenda of vested interest and communal groups to divert attention from the real humanitarian crisis in Assam. The ethnic violence in Assam is indeed a failure of the law and order mechanism of Assam government. The state administration miserably failed to provide security to the citizens of the violence affected districts. It is very unfortunate that those who failed to provide security to the victims are now playing hate politics in the name of Bangladeshi immigrants. As expected the Sangh Parivar has also joined the wagon and started their communal propaganda against the Bengali speaking Muslim victims in refugee camps. We strongly demand to the Assam government and also the central government to give top priority to the rehabilitation of the victims and take immediate arrangement for safe return to their homes.

K. M. Shareef also urged all the citizens of the country to come forward and cooperate with the relief and rehabilitation activities. He also reminded that it is time for the nation to think beyond regional and religious boundaries and show solidarity towards the victims irrespective of their religion and language.

Public Relations Officer
Popular Front of India