Efforts for the empowerment of the downtrodden masses will continue – E M Abdul Rahman

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010
Bangalore: Popular Front of India Chairman condemned the discriminatory and antidemocratic atrocities of Kerala Police against the Organisation in Kerala. To raid the State Head Quarters of an Organisation in connection with a local incident is a threat to the fundamental civil and democratic rights as well as freedom of Organisation. The Government should clarify whether this is a part of their policy. Instead of proper investigation in the local incident, now they are purposefully terrorizing the situation and trying to tarnish the image of Popular Front and indirectly the Muslim youth with the support of a section of the media on false grounds.
The police in certain parts of the state blatantly violated the Supreme Court instructions on arrest and custody. It is very serious that some communal and anti-Muslim factions within the Police and the administration are influencing the enquiry. There are many instances where Human Rights of citizens are openly violated. More over, In the light of forthcoming elections, it is suspected that the Government facilitates communal polarization for their benefit through the dirty politics. Popular Front will fight against this legally and politically.

Regarding the attack on a teacher, who prepared a question paper abusing the name of the Prophet, Popular Front has already clarified its stand that it has no involvement in the incident and in case any of its members is found involved, Organisation will take strict disciplinary action. Moreover, Kerala State leaders already offered all cooperation to the authorities for the investigation.

Instead of earnest endeavors for tracing the accused, now the authority follows unusual steps which are more divisive and targetted. To protect the political vested interests of the ruling party, they are misusing the police forces. It is to be clarified that how the enquiry become more focused on an Organisation rather than the incident of abuse on the name of Prophet. If a minute percentage of the present vigor and rigor was shown by the Police to search the armed camps of CPM and BJP in Kannur and other Districts of Kerala, a major percentage of the law and order problems of the State would have been solved.

Chairman challenged the authorities that, whether they are ready to examine the crime records of Kerala State for the last twenty years and find out the involvement of members of each party in criminal activities. If so, there will be nobody to compete with CPM and BJP in this race.

Chairman reminded the authorities that these atrocities will not help them reduce the massive support of Popular Front. The efforts for the empowerment of the downtrodden masses will continue.

Media Secretary

Popular Front of India

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