Denial of Muslim reservation rather serious concern: Popular Front

New Delhi: Popular Front of India general secretary Muhammedali Jinnah in a statement issued in the context of the ongoing agitations by Patel community, said that denial of reservation to Muslim community is a matter of more serious concern. But unfortunately it is being lost in the vote-bank politics played by successive central and state governments. Despite commission reports that proved that the socio-economic status of Muslim community is far worse compared to that of other backward classes, only a small percentage of the community has OBC status enabling them to enjoy reservation.
What we are witnessing instead is the agitations and protests of comparatively resourceful elements in the majority community demanding reservation and OBC status and they are getting a receptive eye from governments due to their significance in vote bank politics. Rajasthan government lately promised 5 % reservation to Gujjar community in Special Backward Class category. Jat community’s demand for OBC status was also accepted despite the fact that it is a highly resourceful and politically influential community. Now it is the turn of Patel community which traditionally known to be a politically influential and affluent business community. This is a kind of misuse of political influence which undermines the very principle behind the idea of reservation.
The constitution of India stipulates reservation as means for ensuring adequate representation for weaker sections and socially and educationally backward classes in education and employment. Hence the new demands for reservation by any community have to be adjudged after considering their present socioeconomic status and share in education sector and government job.
Muhammed Ali Jinna urged that it is high time for central and state governments to take a principled stand in Muslim reservation which is a matter of more serious concern in the path of achieving social equality and justice in our country.