Stand with the struggles of the farmers: Popular Front

A resolution passed by the National Executive Council of Popular Front of India has stated that it is the duty of all right-minded citizens and sections in the country to stand with the struggles of Indian farmers against new farm laws.

Like in the case of communal laws like CAA, and NRC, these three farm laws which will have immense ramifications to the country’s agriculture and economy were rushed through the legislative houses without holding any consultations with the farmers, or the opposition parties. A recent RTI query reveals that the government has no records of any kind of discussions held with the farmers’ organizations before finalizing these anti-farmer bills. The BJP government under the garb of sugar-coated claims like reforming agriculture are giving multi-national companies a free hand to exploit farmers. In a country where a large percentage of the farmers are already in distress and are resorting to suicides due to unpayable debts, government support and a regulated market are indispensable. Certainly, the government’s decision to end the Minimum Support Prize and Mandies through new laws will have tragic effects on their lives.

That is why farmers across the country took it upon themselves to come to the streets against it without waiting for any political parties or saviours. One of the largest farm agitations witnessed by the country erupted against the laws is entering the second month amid official arrogance and apathy. In the bone-chilling summer, the protesters have made highways their home. Nearly 30 people have already lost their lives.

However, the authorities are trying to tarnish the protests as being pushed by the opposition and calling the farmers as Khalistanis, Jihadis, Maoists, Naxals and anti-nationals. The Prime Minister apart from expressing his government’s willingness to hold dialogues had done nothing substantial to address their concerns. The BJP government finds it convenient to fritter away the farmer’s time by offering fresh rounds of talk and multiple times have these meetings gone inconclusive bearing no results.

The farmers in Delhi, who also have expressed their solidarity to the activists and leaders imprisoned for voicing against CAA and NRC, have proved that they are not just protesting against the anti-farmer laws but are in fact in the pursuit of larger solidarity against the Corporate-Hindutva fascist and imperialist designs, by extending their hands towards the like-minded allies and victims of Hindutva.

As a community which is itself victims of Sangh Parivar is duty-bound to stand for justice and truth regardless of the results, the Muslim Community should come forward to support and voice for the farmers. Popular Front also calls upon all right-minded citizens and all the sections in the country to stand with the struggles of Indian farmers against new farm laws.