ED trying to mislead court: Popular Front

In a statement issued to media, Popular Front of India General Secretary Anis Ahmed has stated that Enforcement Directorate was trying to mislead the court by giving a false statement against the organization.

In the application submitted to a Kerala court seeking an extension of custody of a student leader K A Rauf Sherif, the Enforcement Directorate alleged that over Rs 100 crore was received in the bank accounts of Popular Front of India. The allegations are baseless and intended to mislead the court and the media. Popular Front’s fund received to our bank accounts are donations from the public, which is open before the agencies and accounted everything to the penny. The ED’s actions lately have instigated public anger and have created the impression that it is simply going after each individual and organizations that are disliked by Sangh Parivar.

The agency wants to justify its politically motivated and bogus investigations and witch-hunt against Popular Front of India in the court. The same ED does not have any intention to investigate the funds of an unregistered organization like RSS and source of the massive amounts spent by BJP for horse trading of MLAs. The EDs attitude as per the application shows that it has no qualm to blame Popular Front for everything that happens in the country even when the Sangh Parivar is responsible for them. The ED is adding anything and everything happening or will happen in India to their investigation of a case registered against PFI in 2018. This proves the pre-decided mindset of the ED to target Popular Front as per the orders of the Sangh backed BJP government. PFI will seek all legal and democratic means to fight against this misuse of power.