Popular Front condemns Delhi police harassment against Adv Mahmood Pracha

New Delhi: Popular Front of India National Secretary, Mohammed Shakif, in a statement issued to media, has condemned the searches by Delhi Police Special Cell at the offices of Supreme Court lawyer Mahmood Pracha.

The raids by Delhi Police Special Cell at the office of prominent Supreme Court lawyer Mahmood Pracha is part of the harassment against him for representing the victims of Sangh Parivar sponsored North East Delhi violence. He is a human rights lawyer who worked for ensuring justice to innocents imprisoned under draconian terror laws like UAPA and was one among the few courageous lawyers who exposed the role of Sangh Parivar and Delhi police in the anti-Muslim pogrom happened in North East Delhi. The Fabricated cases and the harassment against Adv. Pracha prove that the same forces who organized the carnage are now trying to interrupt justice to the victims. The officers who tried to seize his hard disc are trying to destroy the sanctity client -lawyer privilege. This bodes ill for entire legal profession and law and order in the country.

Popular Front of India condemns this harassment and expresses our solidarity with Mahmood Pracha. Popular Front has always been with activists and lawyers harassed by the Sangh Parivar. We call upon the legal fraternity to condemn the harassment.