Popular Front demands urgent judicial intervention to scrap ‘Love Jihad’ law in UP

New Delhi: Popular Front of India General Secretary Anis Ahmed, in his statement to media, has demanded urgent intervention of the higher judiciary in the country to scrap ‘Love Jihad’ law in UP.

As feared by civil rights organizations, the selective use of Uttar Pradesh’s ‘Love Jihad’ law has become a means for anti-Muslim Yogi Adityanath government to harass mixed marriage couples, people converting to other religions and innocent Muslims. The fundamental rights to choose one’s life partner or one’s religion has suddenly become crime in Uttar Pradesh. In the past weeks, young Muslim men, married to or fallen in love with Hindu girls, were particularly targeted by UP police. It’s shocking that a Hindu girl was sent to Nari Niketan for marrying a Muslim man, and subjected to Islamophobic torture which led to miscarriage. The law is being used to impose primitive patriarchal value system upon women. Women’s right to choose their life partners has effectively taken away by the misogynist legislation. Strangely, no feminist come forward against this large scale state sponsored deprivation of women’s rights. Other BJP ruled states are also considering passing similar laws.

Popular Front demands India’s higher judiciary to take cognizance of the situation and scrap the Islamobhobic and anti-woman law.