CPM Working as Hindutwa Agents: Nasaruddeen Elamaram

Saturday, July 24th, 2010
Elamaram Calicut
Nasaruddeen Elamaram inaugurating public meeting at Kozhikkode beach

Kozhikkode: Nobody can put restriction on Muslims regarding their social and political activities, said Nasaruddeen Elamaram, state president Popular Front of India. He was inaugurating a public meeting organized by Popular Front of India in protest against police atrocities under the guise of investigation into the assault case against college teacher at Moovattupuzha.
Certain people hope us to restrict ourselves in the activities like building mosques and doing relief works. And they are trying to pull us back from the spheres like human rights, social development and political empowerment of the down-trodden sections of the society, he added while reacting to the ongoing efforts to marginalize Popular Front of India and suppress its activists.
The authorities were ‘observing’ National Development Front, earlier form of Popular Front, for last 17 years of its formation. But they couldn’t find anything objectionable from our part. And even now they are continuing their observation. He also challenged those who are charging allegations against Popular Front to prove its through evidences.
Media are swallowing up the cooked up stories supplied by some vested interests in the police department. They are not even using their common sense before giving those ‘stories’. And it was those media who blacked out the news on RSS role in various bomb blasts and terrorist activities of the country in which Muslims were blamed initially, witch-hunting Muslims for their alleged role in attack against college teacher. He also alleged that CPM has become the agent of Hindutwa Fascism and Israeli Zionism. Their eyes are on BJP votes in impending local body elections. Nobody can annihilate Popular Front which has withstood in the past all nefarious attempts by various internal and external agencies.

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