Chief Minister Should Withdraw His Allegations and Apologise: Popular Front

New Delhi: Popular Front of India (PFI) Friday asked Kerala Chief Minister V.S. Achuthanandan to apologize for his statement that the PFI is aiming to convert the state to a Muslim dominated one using ‘money and marriages’. The Popular Front of India, warned that such a statement by the chief minister would ‘only endanger communal harmony existing in the state’. PFI chairman E.M Abdurahman, general secretary K.M Shareef, NEC member Prof. p. Koya also challenged the Chief Minister to prove the allegations levelled against the PFI.
“We urge Mr. Achuthanandan to withdraw the allegations and apologise before the people of Kerala”- PFI leaders demanded in a press conference at Delhi press club.
” The statement of the Chief Minister of Kerala Mr. V. S. Achuthanandan that Popular Front is trying to Islamize the state in 20 years using “money and marriages” is unbecoming of a responsible chief minister and will only endanger communal harmony existing in the state. It is quite unfortunate that a senior communist leader dittoes the false allegations and canards spread by some of the extreme factions of the Sangh Parivar.” PFI leaders said.
“Through his statement Mr. Achuthanandan has given legitimacy to the propaganda that a conversion project called ‘Love Jihad’, is working in the country to lure youth to Islamic religion. The Kerala High court called the bluff long ago and the Chief Minister by commission or omission is questioning the credibility of the judiciary. As chief minister of a state, he should not have poured fuel to the fire for petty political gains. The CPM leader’s charge that that Popular Front was trying to multiply the number of Muslims by influencing youth and converting them by giving money and women itself is a affront to the self respecting youth of other religions. Mr. Achuthanandan as a veteran leader of a communist party will have to explain why he is worried if people embracing this religion or the other, or a particular religious community becoming majority or minority of a state.”
“By quoting sentences in the State Legislative Assembly from a book which is no way connected with the Popular Front to justify his abusive statements against a community the Chief Minister has again tied himself into knots and proved to be a misfit in the secular and democratic polity of Kerala. We challenge the Chief Minister to prove if the book he quoted in the assembly as evidence for the anti democracy stand of Popular Front, was published by the organization. It is like quoting Maoist literature to prove that CPM is anti-democratic.”

“The state leadership of the party instead of correcting Mr. Achuthanandan as they did many times in the past have justified his current statements against Muslims obviously as a futile attempt to regain the already eroded popular support.”

PFI leaders repeated that Popular Front of India is not against democracy; it is not trying to establish an Islamic state as the CM said. The Front is working towards empowering Muslims and other marginalized groups in the society and strives to bring them to the mainstream of the nation. And it has been working in Kerala for last 18 years and has cadres in many other Indian states.

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