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When our Republic is celebrating 75th year of Independence, as citizens of this large secular and democratic nation, it is an opportunity for us to realise the raising threats and the real solutions. Our country is blessed with a constitution which declares justice, liberty, equality and feternity as core values and assures for all citizens and classes, freedom of thought, expression, religion, culture and association as fundamental rights. The beauty of our democracy is that it is not majoritarianism which means a vulgar rule of the majority over a marginalised minority. Rather religious and cultural minorities are bestowed with equal rights and special provisions for protection of their rights in our democracy.

In the history of Independent India, from 1980s onwards we have witnessed attacks on the great national values, by the successive governments and the ruling political parties. The economic policies of globalisation, liberalisation and privatisation have opened doors of capitalists and corporate exploitation leading the masses to more and more poverty and backwardness.    On the other hand, the rising influence of Hindutva communal politics planned and executed by Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh (RSS) has made India a society and nation filled with hate, might and violence making the country devoid of justice, peace, law and order. The situation has turned from bad to worse under RSS controlled BJP government since 2014.  

The government has conveniently withdrawn from service sectors like food supply, education and health and the poor people are being thrown to the exploitation of private business sector.   All the anti-poor economic policies of the government like demonetization or note-ban, disinvestment of public sector firms, amendment to labour laws, recently introduced farmer laws etc.  Are all part of the plan to sell the country to big corporate houses?  The pro-regime corporate business is now eating away the major chunk of the Indian economy.   The Covid-19 pandemic has clearly shown the total mismanagement of the regime which always relay on tall talks and threats to counter criticisms.

Meanwhile, communal hate has reached an unprecedented level and public calls for ethnic cleansing of religious minorities are becoming normalised.  Recently, the issue of Muslim Genocide has come to the forefront of national and international attention.  The Hindutva conclaves held at Haridwar and some other places have openly declared Muslims as enemies and exhorted Hindus to exterminate them for saving Hindu society and Indian nation.  Gregory Stanton who is heading the global expert group ‘Genocide Watch’ has predicted that India is now undergoing 8th stage in the process of the 10 Stages Genocide. This situation further adds to the feelings of insecurity prevailing among Muslims for long, particularly since the ascendance of RSS – BJP to power.  

For the 200 million (15%) strong Indian Muslims, the current developments are turning points not abruptly new, rather continuation and culmination of  a century old Hindutva agenda acting  against Muslims.   RSS ideology of religious fascism and its para-military network has not only remained strong, but after 90 years it has become the state ideology and government policy.  At present the minorities and other weaker sections face various forms of violence like local riots, targeted killings, mob lynching etc. repeatedly in different parts of the country.

We are witnessing the following threats under BJP governments in the centre and in many states:

  • Hate propaganda through speeches and print, electronic and social media. Various controversies like Love Jihad, Hijab, Halal etc. are created to alienate and suppress Muslim community.
  • Targeting organisations and individuals in the forefront of struggles by booking cases, conducting raids and even threatening with ban and keeping them behind bars.
  • Repressive laws like UAPA, Sedition (124-A), NSA are selectively imposed on activists, scholars and leaders at national, state and even local levels.  Now around 2000 people are put behind bars under UAPA which is more than 70% increase since 2019. 
  • Different probe agencies like CBI, NIA, STF, ATS etc.  are seen as selectively targeting  Christian, Sikh and Muslim minority NGOs and institutions. Enforcement Directorate, Income Tax Dept. etc. are no longer independent and honest economic agencies. They are also misused as tools to harass political opposition and minorities.

In 2020 India slipped from 27th to 53rd in the Annual Democracy Index. Some international think tanks have even questioned whether India can still be called a democracy. They suggest that the country is transforming in to an Electoral Autocracy.  UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet criticized India for the criminalisation of peaceful protests. The government’s urge to undermine freedom of speech and suppress human rights represent a serious threat to the country’s future.

The mainstream secular parties have long forgotten their duty to the nation in protecting its constitution and secular values. Other than a small section of social activists and human rights groups, few in the country spoke against the calls for Muslim Genocide which means clearing the country of Muslims. During elections, these parties approach Muslims and other minorities of the country offering security from communal fascism. Yet they are now acting like mute spectators while the country is witnessing an unprecedented rise in violence and threats against minorities.  If they continue to fail in delivering their duty to the nation and the people, soon they will lose their political relevance.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel. All came trembling down when people took to streets first to oppose the highly sectarian CAA amendment. The campuses caught fire; old women blocked roads in many cities opening the half-shut eyes of the rulers to the new realities. Then came the protests against the farm laws. The farmers portrayed as anti-national or Khalistani broke through the barricades built up by the government and forced the political wheeler-dealers to withdraw from the anti-farmer laws. 

It is the need of the time that all sane citizens, groups, organisations and parties build up a united democratic front for constitutional rights by standing with the victim classes. But those who are victimised need not wait for saviors to act upon themselves because victim-hood is not the state of living that they deserve.  They are free to adopt all democratic, constitutional and legal means available in our country for the protection of their citizenship and civil rights.

Popular Front of India is a fast growing mass movement committed to the cause of ensuring justice to weaker sections and bringing peace in society, through empowerment efforts and people’s resistance.  The Front has launched a nation-wide campaign called “Save the Republic” on this auspicious occasion of 75th anniversary of independence from January 26, the Republic Day till August 15, the Independence Day.  We request all sections of Indian citizens to become part of this mission to save our Secular-Democratic Republic.



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