Area Conferences

We the people of India belong to a great nation built on the values of unity in diversity. The Indian society includes various races, languages, religions and cultures.
India is a democratic and secular nation which means that all sections of people
should enjoy equal rights and there should not be discrimination against any
community. The real India lives in our villages, mohallas and localities. We have been
living together for centuries and have never allowed hatred and enmity to grow in our
society. In fact, we have been proudly celebrating pluralism. Our forefathers strived
together for the common good of the society and they did not allow divisive forces to
grow and take control.

But we find this scenario has started changing with the growth of corporate
control over governance and communalization of politics. Moreover, our nation is
witnessing an unprecedented increase in the spread of venomous propaganda and
assaults on religious minorities. It is high time that people in every locality come
together to uphold our pluralistic values and move forward for a better, bright future.

Popular Front has always been in the forefront of people’s struggle for freedom,
justice and security. In every civil society people’s movement are inevitable
responses to oppressive circumstances. The dream of the organization is an India of
equal rights to all Indians. To achieve this dream Popular Front is striving since its
inception in various fronts.

As a humble step towards this goal, Popular Front conducted “Area Conference” at
local levels but on a national scale. These conferences were aimed to form a local
platform for us to come together, collaborate and synergize our efforts. In different
states and regions different names were given to this programme. The response we
received exceeded our expectations. We could successfully conduct 468conferences
throughout the country in which more than 3 lakh people partnered with us to make
it a success.

We would like to thank all the people who have always supported us and helped us
move forward with enthusiasm. This bulletin is a humble attempt to present the
success story of the area conferences