Calicut Declaration

Calicut Declaration

Friday, August 14th, 2009

The constitution declares that our country is India is socialist, secular and democratic.. But the Indian administration has gone further on the road in endangering the basic values and policies of the republic .The ground is ready for interference of alien forces. The presence of foreign experts is felt even in running the day-to-day administration. Global financial institutions influence the county’s policies and stands.

Jobs are lost due to the globalization. The rights of labour are being appropriated .The administration anxious to protect the interests of the foreign and local business monopolies are going ahead with anti-people policies .The defective development plans ignore environmental and agricultural crises. The tendency to transfer land and natural resources to the monopolies is spreading. The people are angry with these policies but the administration is suppressing the protestors using draconian laws and detains them on cooked up charges. There have been even instances of the police shooting the protesters dead. The farmers reaching the dead-end kill themselves in large numbers.

The rulers have also compromised with imperialism in continuation of the process of globalization, economic liberalism and privatization. The vanguards of Non-Aligned Movement have now become gatekeepers of Big Power interests.

Discrimination on the basis of race, community and colour still exists. In practice the laws of social justice are not implemented. India is country with world’s largest number of the poor and the needy. Behind the festooned statistic of India’s increasing number of creorepathis there are the unrecognized sorrows of the poor.

The capitalist development model has created penury and hunger It is time that we eradicate the curse of interest which caused concentration of wealth and backbreaking inflation. A system is to be evolved which allows the flow of money from the haves to have-nots as needed A political initiative which ensures a system with out inequality and discrimination and with out surrendering the nation’s sovereignty is the earnest prayer of the country

The influence exerted by the communal forces inside and from outside have weakened the secular ism of the country .The administration do not take measures to stop the well orchestrated attacks on the Muslims. Neither does it punish the culprits of such crimes. Special security acts are used mostly against the poor in general and the Muslims and the Dalits in particular.

The War on Terror is a US agenda. It is the political tactic shaped by the monopoly forces bent upon world domination .Religious hatred is also working behind. The Muslims are the victims of the war on terror. The Indian government supports the WOT and made available the county’s administrative machinery for implementing the plan hatched by US-Israel axis .It’s in the wake of this alliance that we witness the increase in mysterious bomb blasts in the country. Most of the political parties are responsible for this parlous state of affairs.

The Muslims on the other hand have been pushed down by the inferiority complex created by the peculiar historical backdrop. They are under the wrong impression that any political move of their own is wrong .While the national secular parties are anxious to use the Muslim votes they have been reluctant to take them in as equal partners. They have failed to secure the rights of the Muslims as citizens and refused to give even legal protection to them during communal riots which area byword for collective anti-Muslim attacks. When the administration joined hands with anti-Muslim forces it created fear in Muslim minds there is strong suspicion that plans are being implemented deliberately to break the Muslims economically and socially. The denial of basic needs and will full negligence of their just demands have imposed social slavery and all political parties are parties to this situation. 
So it imperative that Muslim voluntary organization come to the forefront for the advancement of the community and to create awareness about their right, political participation and the need to organize.

It is time for the Muslims to take initiative for the political movement that values democracy and social and economic equality .It should be an honest movement to uphold social justice and moral tenets .And Popular front of India will take initiative for such a movement