Bihar police claims ridiculous; attempt to demonise the organisation: Popular Front

Bihar police arrested two Muslims in Patna claiming to be terrorists and made several allegations against the Popular Front of India linking to the arrests. All these allegations are devoid of any substance. The Police have tried to create an imaginary story of “Terror Plot” by implanting fake documents. 

The 8-page document allegedly found from the arrested is purely fabricated. Popular Front has not ever published or distributed anything like that. This document first surfaced in the public domain when the UP Police included it in a chargesheet of a case from Basti, UP. Anyone who reads that document will definitely reach a conclusion that it is nothing but a fabricated one. The way this document was presented by the Patna Police in a press conference points to a larger inter-state conspiracy to build fabricated cases against Popular Front. There seems to be a common trend in different states to target Popular Front through a set of uniform modus operandi which indicates that it is part of a political decision against the organisation coming from a single table.

Popular Front is a lawfully and democratically working organisation which has always promoted the culture of respect for the laws of the land. Its activities have been transparent and growing in popularity rapidly. No one who knows the organisation will doubt these facts. These kinds of false cases have become a weapon for police and agencies in the country which have been waging war against any form of democratic dissent.

Popular Front would like to make it clear that these evil designs to instill fear in the minds of people by demonising Popular Front and creating a mystery around will not have any effect on the organisation’s democratic struggle for constitutional rights and social justice. 

Mohamed Shakif,
National  Secretary,
Popular Front of India,
New Delhi.