Popular Front condemns the harassment of innocents and arrests of Muslim youths in Uttar Pradesh; demands immediate release of the arrested

Popular Front of India North Zone President A S Ismail has condemned Uttar Pradesh police’s widespread harassment of Muslim families and the illegal arrest of Muslim youths in the state in name of Ram Mandir Bhumi Puja.

There have been widespread arrests and police harassment in Uttar Pradesh against innocent Muslims. Dozens of Muslim youths in various parts of Lucknow were called on the pretext of talks on 4 August at midnight and then they were kept in preventive custody. Their families were threatened by police. Six of them have yet not been released. Now it is being reported that four of them, Dr Aleem, Kamruddin, Sahibe Alam, and Majeed have been remanded on the charge of causing disharmony between communities. It can only be viewed as attempt to prevent Muslims from speaking against injustice. In western Uttar Pradesh districts like Muzaffarnagar and Shamili, police stormed Muslim houses at night and threatened families against protesting for Babri Masjid. Popular Front condemns these arrest and harassments. Yogi government is using police as goons against people and taking away their democratic rights through intimidation.

Popular Front state ad hoc committee member Nadeem, who was taken to custody, was subjected to inhuman torture by police. Even after three days, he has neither been remanded nor released. This is bare violation of human rights by Yogi Police. Popular Front demands the immediate release of all arrested Muslim youths and action against officers involved in the torture of Nadeem. We want to make it clear that Popular Front will fight this authoritarianism through legal and democratic ways. We also appeal to democratic society in the country to abandon their silence and voice against the oppression in Uttar Pradesh.