Defeat Sangh Parivar attempt at polarisation in the name of Ayodhya Bhumi Puja: Popular Front

In a statement issued today, Popular Front of India Chairman O M A Salam has appealed to the people to defeat Sangh Parivar attempts to divide the nation again along religious lines in the name of Ayodhya Bhumi Puja event.

A democratically elected government is supposed to treat all citizens equally as stipulated by the constitution, and not take sides in religious, cultural or other forms of disputes within the nation. The Ayodhya Bhumi Pujan on demolished Babri Masjid land scheduled on Aug 5 is by all means a wrongly politicised religious event. However it is being projected as government achievement and the Prime Minister and the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister are expected to lead the event. This is not only a blatant violation of the oath of office they have taken, but also an act of adding salt to a national wound and alienating nation’s largest minority community. This is another instance of Modi government showing its true colour.

The Bhumi Pujan is about to take place at the site where a centuries old place of worship belonging to Muslims was demolished by Hindutva fanatics. The criminals involved in that heinous act have still not been brought to justice. Now a democratically elected Prime Minister is attending the temple construction at the very site along with the criminals who led the demolition. To the outside world Modi and RSS show a facade of progressive and inclusive governance. Meanwhile at home they practice politics of religious hatred and violence towards minorities and weaker sections.

Modi government which came to power with tall promises is a historic failure on all fronts. Nation’s economy is in shambles. While most of the countries worst hit by Covid19 are bringing the situation under control, India is headed towards becoming the country with highest number of Covid cases. An atmosphere of communal polarisation and extreme religious hostility is promoted so that people of the country can be kept distracted from key factors affecting their everyday lives, economic and developmental issues. Unfortunately even the secular opposition parties have failed to understand the situation and long forgotten their commitment to people. Some of them are trying to pose themselves as ‘better versions’ of BJP. Some Congress leaders have expressed disappointment over not being invited to attend the Bhumi Pujan. Madhya Pradesh Congress leaders went a step further, they are celebrating the event along with Sangh Parivar, which showcases the real face of many prominent leaders from Congress party. Unless country’s secular forces wake up and act, future is going to be tragic for all. Popular Front Chairman O M A Salam appealed to all citizens, true devotees of all religions, not to be swayed by the communal hate being fanned by Sangh Parivar and to defeat their attempt to divide the nation again.