Popular Front cannot be intimidated by smear campaigns

The media reports alleging Popular Front link to the North East Delhi violence are another attempt by the fascist forces and their controlled agencies to defame our organization. Popular Front cannot be intimidated by such ridiculous attempts. The allegation is a complete copy of the lie propagated by fascist forces through their sponsored reports to malign Muslims who are the real victims of the Delhi pogrom. The way police are using the reports prepared by Sangh sponsored groups shows the extent of control of the RSS and Sangh Parivar on the functioning of the Delhi Police. As we have earlier stated the Delhi Police itself has become an obstacle in the path of providing justice to the real victims of the pogrom. We would reiterate our demand for an independent enquiry headed by a sitting High Court or Supreme Court judge into the Delhi violence incuding the behaviour of Delhi Police during the riots and in probing the riots.