Amnesty International India field report from Delhi points serious problems in Delhi Police: Popular Front

Popular Front Chairman O M A Salam has, in a statement, said that the final field report of Amnesty International India about the human rights violations occurred during Delhi citizenship agitations and North East Delhi violence points to a serious problem in Delhi police. He demanded the central government to act upon the recommendations.

Popular Front has, on multiple occasions, pointed out that Delhi police have been biased and partisan against one section of people and instead of providing security to people, acted like goons. Amnesty India field investigation documented widespread human right violations committed by police and their failure in preventing the riot. Excessive force was used on peaceful democratic protests. After entering Jamia Millia University premises at night, police brutalized students even inside the library. Protest leaders were arrested on false charges and subjected to custodial torture causing serious injuries. At the same time, police never acted against the frequent violations and open calls for violence from right wing Hindutva leaders and activists.

During the riots police were mere mute spectators; they hardly responded to people’s call for help. There are undeniable evidence that police actively participated in the violence and vandalism. Police still continue to destroy cases and obstruct justice to Delhi riots victims by intimidating lawyers representing the victims. Yet the fact that even after months there hasn’t been any action against even a single officer is itself the proof enough for the kind of impunity they enjoy.

Popular Front welcomes the recommendations of Amnesty International India for independent and impartial investigation on human rights violations, enquiry on the role of police in the violence, and introduction of reforms in police force. Popular Front urges the central government to take Amnesty International India report and the recommendations seriously and take necessary action on it.