Delhi police trying to obstruct justice to Delhi riot victims by intimidating lawyers: Popular Front

Popular Front Chairman O M A Salam has, in a statement, said that Delhi police is now trying to destroy cases and obstruct justice to Delhi riots victims by intimidating lawyers representing the victims.

A Delhi court has ordered probe into Delhi police allegations against prominent human rights lawyer Adv. Mahmood Pracha. These allegations are nothing but part of the attempt to stop him from providing legal aid to the victims of Delhi riots. On the one side helping Hindutva criminals planned and executed North East Delhi riots escape justice, on the other side intimidating and fabricating cases against the very victims of the riots and those providing them legal help. This is the way of Delhi police enforcing law. Delhi police’s neutrality is already in question. More than one independent fact finding enquiries into the incidents have already pointed out how Delhi police not only completely failed to prevent the violence but in many instances were complicit in the violence and  vandalism along with right wing Hindutva goons.

Popular Front expresses its solidarity with Advocate Mahmood Pracha and assures to stand with the victims in their fight for justice to the last moment.