Delhi Police continue to obstruct delivery of justice to riot victims: Popular Front

Popular Front of India Chairman, O M A Salam, in statement, has questioned tall claims of impartiality by Delhi police and told that the Delhi High Court calling certain police action mischievous points to a serious situation. Now Delhi high court has questioned the controversial order issued by a Special Commissioner of Delhi Police to his subordinates asking to exercise due care and precaution while making arrests related to riots not to cause “Hindu resentment”. The court has called the order “mischievous”.

The Delhi Police’s biased and partisan attitude in investigating and prosecuting the riot cases is proving to be a major obstruction to justice to the victims of Delhi riots. More and more evidences are surfacing that Delhi police is behaving against Muslim community. It is to be remembered that Delhi police had been criticised for its failure in preventing the riot. Many fact finding teams including that of Delhi Minority Commission has underlined how police was reluctant to act, help the victims and stop rioters while violence was happening right under their noses. According to many eye witness accounts, police encouraged Hindu mobs to attack Muslims and sometimes even actively participated in the violence and vandalism.

The response given by Delhi Police to an RTI application filed by Popular Front National Executive Council member Adv. A Muhammed Yussuf is another example that casts shadow over Delhi police’s commitment to justice. They are withholding vital information like the details of FIRs, remand applications, identity of the accused in FIRs, their bail details, number and details of the charge sheets filed etc. To the RTI application with 34 questions, only six was answered – only regarding the number of cases registered and the number of arrests made. As on July 22, the police have arrested 1142 people. But the police have not revealed the count of Muslims and Hindus, the group affiliations of the arrested and the nature of their charges. The information on the identity of the accused or the nature of the crimes was withheld under the pretext that such information has the potential to disturb law and order. This excuse is unacceptable and to withhold the details in the FIR in such cases is against the Supreme Court guidelines. In a democratic country with rule of law, public has the right to know whether justice has been delivered.

This smokescreen created by total lack of information is used to maintain the false impression of neutrality even when Muslim activists and organizations and ordinary Muslims who are not even distantly connected to the incidents are implicated, and Hindutva leaders who openly advocated violence against anti-CAA protesters remain untouched by law. The erosion of people’s trust in law is a major danger and it can only be prevented by ensuring justice. O M A Salam demanded a High Court monitored judicial investigation of all cases related to Delhi riots.