India must not surrender before American bullying: Popular Front

New Delhi 07 April 2020: Popular Front of India National General Secretary Anis Ahmed has condemned American President Donald Trump’s open threat of retaliation to India.

The safety and welfare of its own citizens is most important to any sovereign country. If a country’s internal situation demands restrictions on the exports of certain drugs or goods, then the civilized world is bound to respect that. Indeed, on humanitarian grounds, counties help each other in need. Over the past many decades, India has set a great model in this regard. American President Donald Trump’s remarks that the US may consider a “retaliation” if India does not agree to export hydroxychloroquine, a key anti-malaria drug, is, therefore, a threat to India’s sovereignty.

While India must help people of America or any other people in need to the extent possible, the country should not bow down before American bullying or surrender its honour before anyone that disrespects its sovereignty.

However, unfortunately, India has eased the restrictions, seemingly under pressure following the threat. We demand Indian government and the Foriegn Affairs Ministry to issue a statement against the threat and put forward the government’s stand before the nation and the world.

Director, Media and PR
Popular Front Headquarters, New Delhi