Popular Front appreciates nation’s health workers, demands action against spreading hatred and misinformation

New Delhi
07 April 2020

Popular Front of India National Chairman OMA Salam appreciated state authorities and health workers in many Indian states for their selfless efforts to save lives and prevented the spread of the corona pandemic.

Compared to many developed European countries, India is doing a lot better in preventing the spread of the pandemic and reducing the fatality rate. It is a matter of relief to the citizens of the country. Coordinated and timely action by the authorities, police and health workers is instrumental in bringing the situation under control. The nation is obliged to its health workers who have put their lives on the line to save others.

At the same time the future still depends on how much people cooperate with authorities in maintaining the precautions and social distancing. The consequences of the breach by individuals lead to community spread, which can be deadly for a populous country like India.

Meanwhile, the number of tests in the country is very low. Maximum number of rapid test must be carried out, especially among those who are under observation at home and hospitals. Then only we can find out how much the virus has penetrated in the population.

There are disturbing reports that people who are quarantined are accommodated with confirmed Corona-positive patients and are not getting tested. Another serious matter of concern is that dozens of health workers got infected while serving the patients. This shows that they are not being provided necessary protection equipments. This bad condition of protection for health workers can jeopardize our entire fight against Corona virus. hi

There is also a dangerous trend in progress in the country. While the nation is fighting the pandemic, the divisive forces are making use of the situation to communalise the country and spread hatred against large sections of the population. Nizamudheen Markaz Masjid and Tablighi Jama’at were viciously targeted and accused of being the carriers of the disease by communal forces. The islamophobic content aired by many media houses have made the situation even worse. There are reports of Muslims being attacked due to the hate propaganda. Few state governments have issued statement against this hate campaign but it is unfortunate that the Prime Minister is silent on this issue. We demand the central and state governments to take stern actions on the Media houses who ran the anti-Muslim propaganda and also against the individuals who propagate such hatred through social media.

Director, Media and PR
Popular Front of India, New Delhi