Telengana ban on 16 organizations a repressive move: Popular Front

New Delhi: Popular Front of India General Secretary Anis Ahmed, in his latest statement, has taken strong exception to the Telengana Government decision of banning 16 organizations in the state.

It’s is matter of serious concern that a democratically elected state government is putting ban on organizations through such a sweeping action. The reasons set out in the controversial order are vague and strengthen the suspicion that it is a mere vindictive action by the state government against political dissent. In a democracy any opposition to the policies of the state or central governments through democratic means must be tolerated.

Popular Front is of the view that ideas cannot be fought with might. Denying space to function democratically in the society pushes people to loose faith in our cherished democratic values. If the government has evidence against an individual or an organization for committing anything illegal, it should have brought its case before a court of law and proved. Instead such repressive action is a disturbing trend and is detrimental to a democratic society. It is unfortunate that though the people of Telengana have rejected BJP with only one seat in assembly, the TRS govt is following the same repressive policies as that of BJP govt at the centre in the matter of dealing with social organisations and civil rights groups. Popular Front urges Telengana government to rethink its decision.

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