SC move to shift covid-related litigations from High Courts unhelpful to address the situation: Popular Front

New Delhi: Popular Front of India National General Secretary Anis Ahmed has stated that The Supreme Court’s decision to transfer Covid related cases from High Courts to itself is unjustified on many grounds. He added that it is a matter of relief that the apex court has finally been convinced to withdraw from its move that would have made the high courts redundant. The SC intervention had drawn flaks from many corners especially the legal fraternity including senior lawyers and the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA).

HC after HC had slammed the Modi Govt for incompetence, and the SC’s move of suddenly waking up and taking ‘Suo moto cognizance’, was seen with apprehension by the general public. It is heartening to see High Courts including that of the Delhi, Bombay and Madras now standing up to the occasion, by deciding to continue their hearings on PILs related to Covid. The HCs had thereby stated it clear that they will not adjourn these cases until when the matter gets appealed and is taken up in the SC.

The apex court did not proactively intervene to make the government act promptly, with regards to anticipating and preparing for this Covid crisis. It was only after severe criticisms from different HCs’ against the central government over its criminal failure in protecting the fundamental right to life that the SC decided to intervene. Popular Front hereby expresses its apprehension that instead of aiding the citizens and protecting their right to life, the SC move is likely to nullify the positive effects created by High Courts’ interventions.

Popular Front believes that the Supreme Court reverting from its earlier position is the result of alertness and diligence shown by the citizens of this country. We need to take this vigilance forward to ensure that the guilty in the administration are brought to judicial scrutiny for their disastrous pandemic mismanagement. Meanwhile, it is reassuring to see people taking up the task of helping each other to save lives despite a monumental failure on the part of the government in preparing for the second wave of covid infections.