Popular Front to intensify Covid relief volunteering

New Delhi: With the number of Corona cases reaching record-high across the country and the situation spiraling out of control, Popular Front of India will intensify its ongoing Corona-related relief and volunteering activities.

Popular Front of India has decided to mobilise more volunteers to help authorities, health workers and for providing medical and humanitarian relief to covid patients. Any government agencies that require volunteer services for hospitals, Covid centers, and burial services can contact our local units. Popular Front will also coordinate with NGOs that are working in Covid related relief services.

From the very beginning of the lockdown in March 2020, the organization volunteers have been on the ground helping people stranded in the lockdown, providing medical service to covid patients, and ensuring dignified burial to the dead.

Now the country is having a calamitous situation. Popular Front is deeply concerned and pained by the reports coming from various parts of the country of hospitals being overcrowded, health workers struggling to meet the needs of the patients, and the bodies having to be cremated on open grounds. Throughout this entire struggle, the organization will stand with the country. Popular Front urges people to take all necessary precautions and cooperate fully with instructions of the authorities