Facilitate safe return of stranded NRIs across the world: Popular Front

The National Executive Council meeting of Popular Front of India, in a resolution, urged the central government to facilitate the return of all stranded Indian citizens across the world.

COVID 19 lockdown in many countries, especially in the Gulf, has left millions of Indian citizens in an uncertain situation. Due to the rapid increase in infection rates, remaining in many of these counties has become dangerous and it will leave people vulnerable to infection. There are reports of severe shortage of basic resources and lack of sufficient medical care being faced by our citizens in many countries. The NRI community across the world has been the backbone of our economy. Many parts of our country grew because of their contribution. Now they are desperately looking forward to the helping hand from their motherland and they shouldn’t be letdown. The NEC of Popular Front urges central and state governments to facilitate the safe return of all Indian citizens who are stranded and wish to come back to the country.

In another resolution, NEC demanded action against those who are generating communal and racial hatred by linking certain sections of the population with the spread of Coronavirus. There is an extensive fake news campaign going on in the country jointly by a section of mainstream media and Hindutva forces targeting Muslims. They are propagating that Muslims are deliberately infecting people. The campaign has already caused fear psychosis and instigated hate crimes against Muslims at various parts of the country. Though this has gained global attention, but the central government is turning a blind eye to it. NEC of Popular Front demands that the central government should take urgent measures to stop the spread of hatred and take action against those behind it.

In another resolution, the NEC has called on the government to address the plight of migrant workers. There were many incidents in different cities wherein migrant labours defied the lockdown and came to the streets demanding arrangements for them to go home. In many instance, the protests became violent, and the police had to used force to disperse the crowd. It indicates the feeling of uncertainty, frustration and helplessness are on the increase among them. Unprepared and unexpected lockdown had already caused panic among them. While, in many states, the promises of support made by the government to overcome the lockdown is not properly delivered, informing the fact that these people families needs food back home. In this situation a further extension of the lockdown is obviously unbearable to them. NEC demands state and central governments for urgent arrangements to send them home and special packages to support their families till the lockdown ends.

In another resolution, the meeting exposed the central government’s attempts to cunningly use the lockdown to destroy the anti-CAA, anti-NRC protests. Dozens of people have been arrested and remanded during this lockdown period in Delhi for leading or involving in the protests against CAA NRC and NPR. This move raises serious concerns regarding the intention of the Delhi Police. Clearly, people who are being arrested will find it hard to get legal help in this lockdown. Also, overcrowding jails raises the risk when the county is witnessing a rapid increase in the infection rate. We ask Delhi police to refrain from this move and release all those arrested immediately.