Anti-Muslim events in Delhi prelude to violence against innocents

New Delhi: In a statement issued to the media, Popular Front of India Chairman, O M A Salam, said that the anti-Muslim events that happened in the capital city are the prelude to violence against innocents.

Two events in Delhi held on consecutive days last week are highly ominous. Hindutva groups held an anti-Muslim Mahapanchayat, at Bharthal Chowk in New Delhi’s Dwarka against building Haj House in Sector 22 of the area on Friday. Inflammatory slogans were raised in the programme. The very next day, in a huge programme held at Jantar Mantar, attended by around 5000 people including women and children, slogans were raised, and pamphlets were distributed calling for the genocide of Muslims in the country. Such programmes don’t come out of a vacuum and don’t end well. There must have been a long hate-filled campaign to instigate people into the streets in such large numbers. Such programmes, most often, are followed by a well-organized attack, loot, rape, and arson by rabid Hindutva men against innocent people for belonging to the Muslim community.

It is to be remembered that provocative rallies and speeches of BJP and RSS leaders before the anti-Muslim pogrom happened in Northeast Delhi in February 2020. It was police inaction that led to the violence. BJP leaders who openly called for violence against anti-CAA protestors still roam free. Even after the riot, there were many instances of court criticising the behaviour of the Delhi Police.

These incidents show that forces of divisiveness and polarisation are threatened by the growing dissatisfaction among the people with their hate politics and are lenient towards alternate politics that places welfare and economic wellbeing at the centre. Pitting communities against each other is their way to avoid the change. It is clear from the earlier experiences that Delhi Police is a big failure in preventing violence and providing safety and security to the lives of people. Popular Front calls upon the secular forces in the capital city to put up a joint effort to resist the wanton attempt to disturb communal harmony and to maintain amity and calm among people.