popular Front of India

About Us

Popular Front of India is a social movement working in India for over two decades. The organization officially came out on 17 February 2007 at Empower India Conference held in Bangalore. On the day, various social movement from different parts of the country sharing similar goals and views merged and became one national Movement. Presently the organization has active presence in 23 Indian states.

Popular Front is a cadre-based mass organization. The organization has been successful in building a network of dedicated cadres who are responsible for successfully carrying out various programmes and campaigns of the organization. An achievement of Popular Front is the reach and acceptance among the masses. Our programmes are held at grass-root level with involvement of the masses. The blend of a disciplined network of cadres and support of the masses has been one of the major reasons for the growth of Popular Front.

Our Approach

Our Mission

To establish an egalitarian society in which freedom, justice and security are enjoyed by all.

Our Story

A common platform called South India Council was formed as the outcome of a discussion attended by social activists and intellectuals from all the South Indian States at Bangalore on 25th & 26th January 2004.

Later the Council took up various issues related to community empowerment, especially reservation in education and employment. With the cooperation of Confederation of Muslim Institutions in India, the Council organized a two day workshop on Muslim reservation on 26th & 27th November 2005 at Hyderabad.

When the Central Government decided to introduce reservation in higher education, the Council organized three regional conventions on reservation: at Calicut on 4th August 2006, at Bangalore on 5th August 2006, and at Chennai on 17th August 2006.

A National Convention on Reservation in Higher Education was organized jointly with All India Milli Council at New Delhi on 29th August 2006.

Karnataka Forum for Dignity (KFD) from Karnataka, National Development Front (NDF) from Kerala, Manitha Neethi Pasarai (MNP) from Tamil Nadu were the constituents of the Council.

The leadership of these organizations gave serious thought to the benefit of better coordination among them. The issue was discussed by the rank and file of the organizations. To mark a successful turning point , a joint meeting of the Secretariat of South India Council and representatives of KFD, NDF and MNP held on 22nd November 2006 at Calicut decided to launch Popular Front of India as a federation and approved the vision statement.

Vision Statement

Existing socio-economic models of development have failed to alleviate the poverty and backwardness of the people of the country.

Since independence, the ruling establishment has empowered the big business houses and the urban and rural elite, as it ignored the basic needs of the people below. The traditionally dominant social groups have hijacked the democratic process. They work hand in glove with neo-colonial, fascist and racist forces.

The dalits, the tribals, the religious, the linguistic and cultural minorities, the backward classes and the women are denied their cultural and social space, making India one of the most backward areas in the world. Resistance against exploitation and deprivation now is mostly local and isolated with no co-ordination and pooling of resources at national level.

Popular Front of India is a move towards co-ordination and management of such efforts for the achievement of socio-economic, cultural and political empowerment of the deprived and the downtrodden and the nation at large.

It will try to establish an egalitarian society in which freedom, justice and security are enjoyed by all.