Dr. Mohamed Morsi, a brave martyr of democracy and freedom: Popular Front

Tue, 06/18/2019 - 17:13 -- Editor

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, a brave martyr of democracy and freedom: Popular Front

Popular Front of India Chairman E Abubacker in a statement issued today has called Dr. Mohammed Morsi, a brave defender of democracy and freedom till his last moments.
"We are deeply saddened by the news of departure of Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the only democratically elected president in history of the most populous Arab country, Egypt," he said. According to Egyptian media, Morsi collapsed and died during a court session trial in a Cairo courtroom on Monday. There are serious accusations including from organizations like Human Rights Watch against Egyptian military regime of severe medical negligence and mistreatment which have contributed to his unfortunate death.
The Arab uprising, popularly known as Jasmin revolution, and the subsequent electoral victory of Muslim Brotherhood leader Morsi in 2012 was a major blow to the evil nexus of capitalism, imperialism and Zionism. It was widely viewed as the beginning of a new era of freedom, democracy and justice and the beginning of the end of western backed brutal autocratic regimes that had been suffocating people since decades. However the one-year-old Egyptian democratic government was finished in a brutal manner. Dr Morsi, a democratically elected leader had to spend six years in solitary prison in poor condition even without basic medical care until his death. In fact, Dr. Morsi didn’t meet natural death. His case is that of a calculated murder, slow and gradual by the vested power centers not only in Egypt. Egyptian military is just a stooge in this conspiracy involving regional autocrats and their western masters to kill people’s aspirations for democracy, freedom and justice. It is a cruel irony is that these western countries who often wage wars against other countries under the pretext of bringing democracy and freedom are the ones who are helping El Sisi’s military regime to perpetuate the injustice against Egyptian people.

Morsi has not just died, but attained martyrdom for the values he has stood for till his last breath. History is witness, people of Egypt have survived worse dictators in the past and they will survive El Sisi and his masters too. On behalf of Popular Front of India, E Abubacker has conveyed deep condolence to the family, friends, colleagues and the Egyptian people.


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